My Daughter

My daughter now you’ve grown up

And have a life of your own

My thoughts go back to younger days

When you were still at home.

You were such a beautiful child

But I knew I had to let you go

How hard it was to cut that tie

Only a mother knows.

The years have passed so quickly

And one wish I hope comes true

One day you’ll have a family

With a daughter just like you.

I love you very dearly

And I’d like to let you know

I’m proud of you my daughter

And I admire you so.

Barbara Andrews

That poem written by B Andrews, I received from my mother at a time when I needed to listen to it the most. Naturally, it wasn’t until years later I really appreciated it and decided to do something creative about it. This is where this blogs comes in.

After many conversations with female family and friends, and even strangers about growing up as a woman and what women are like now, I decided to create a blog. A blog dedicated to passing on what we have learnt from different people, experiences and in our individual journeys, and passing it on to our daughters and other women.

I wanted to create a space for myself to write freely about what I have experienced in my life, from dealing with heart ache, to dealing with sadness and even about feminism, so on and so forth.

Most of what is written here are of my own thoughts and opinions as I experience everything that life has to offer. Not all advice are good, but I do hope you find some gems hidden in some of my writing.

I am not the best writer, as this is a great exercise for me to improve my literature skills, to which is very very limited.

If you would like to link up and contribute feel free to contact me.

I appreciate any comments, grammar or words of advice of your own.

Lulu x

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