~manicure…girl time~

Dear Lily,

I realised something today; spending time with your girlfriends is necessary to your soul.

There may come a time that you may like to spend time with the opposite sex. Why?  Because they may be more fun, less complicated and teach you all sorts of crazy lessons.

If you are like your mother, boys will become part of your life at an early age, and will be part of many great adventures all throughout it. You may know these male species through friendships or through lusting for them, and hopefully one day by falling in love with one of them. But, in whatever capacity, many adventures, positive or negative I have had have been with the men in my life.

And life presents you with so many different people, colourful as well as black and white people. Accept them all, they all have something to teach you, especially women.

For now, I want to tell you about friendship with the female kind. Yes, we are a complicated and moody bunch, but we are super spontaneous and fun. That is the reason why I love women so much, and why I love hearing stories from them.

Although, many of my crazy adventures have been with men, many of the stories and lessons I have learned in my life were from women. Lessons starting from my great grandmother, who taught me courage and strength. My grandmother who taught me empathy and love.

Mothers teach us and show us many things growing up, and those lesson don’t end when you leave the family home. My mother taught me the value of family and sacrifices. To this day, she is still teaching me how to not just be a better mother or daughter, but to also be a better human being, one who can contribute positively to the world.

Sisters know you like no other person in the world. They can be your worst enemy, or your best friend forever. My relationship with my sister (s) has always been up and down over the years, but the older we got the more we understood and respected each other. My sister didn’t so much as teach me, but showed me the type of woman I can become. She allowed me to be me, despite the craziness and weird things I say or do. It was my sister(s) who was always there for me when I needed a kick in the butt, but also a hug after a major heartbreak and disappointment.

Female friends come in all shapes and forms, I believe I have all types in my life. I have the beautiful and quiet souls, the shy and geeky type, the courageously outgoing kind and a plethora of more types and personalities. I love them all, I respect them all and I gain wisdom from them all.

Yes, there are the negative aspects to female friendships: the backstabbing, the silent assassins, the PMS, the competitiveness and the fights. I guess, that is what makes us such a colourful bunch, and such a spontaneous group of people. But, heck, the world wouldn’t have it any other way.

Lily, make friends with females, don’t act snobbish or all high and mighty around other females. Don’t demean them, and don’t let them walk all over you as well. I decided I needed female friends to help me grow into a woman I can look in the mirror, and not just love, but to also like.

Having female friends helped me love being me, and helped me love being a woman. Female friendships made me realise the power and sensitivity we have as women, and how  much positive influence we have on those around us.

‘I am a woman, watch me roar’.

Love you, you empowered lady you,

Mum x