Dear Lily,

Today was a beautiful day to have an adventure. Well, every day is a good day to have an adventure. EVERYDAY is an adventure.

Anyway, while I sit at a yogurt place at a nearby shopping centre, I can’t help but ponder about what words of wisdom I should impart to you when it comes to the purse strings.

As you have noticed, I can be a bit of a spender, Aaaand somewhat of a horder. Your grandmother would definitely attest to the latter.

I do like shopping online, at shopping centers, at markets, at Op Shops, and well darn it just about anywhere. I do try and strain my shopping urges. But nothing beats shopping therapy after a hard day at work. Or a hard session at a gym. Or after an argument with someone. Or because you just received the best news. Or you are just happy and deserve a treat.

I mean, the feeling of buying something so pretty or just plain beautiful, well it is exhilarating. Having paid for it, then unwrapping it at home and using the product right there and then. Well, it really is poetic.

Be it a new bag or new gadget, or just a small packet of chips that you have never tasted before, can make your soul just jump a beat.

Online shopping is an even better experience. Why? Because it always feels like Christmas. You unwrap the gift and act all surprised, although you know what it is, and then sheer excitement at what you bought. This is to see if it is EXACTLY what was bought.

I know sometimes this is just a fleeting moment or emotion. Depending on the purchase the feeling will only last a few seconds, or a few days. But sometimes, just sometimes the feeling lasts for a while, such as my very first car, which I love dearly and was at the time my longest relationship: 10 years.

Whatever it is, just remember that feeling. That feeling of surprise and joy, because I would want you to feel that everyday, not just when purchasing something, but to aim for this feeling in friendships and your other various relationships. I want you to be always be happy at the many surprises you have in your life; the many wonderful adventures you will have. Some you will foresee and some you won’t, just enjoy.

Welcome surprises and adventure everyday, they will always lead you to a better you.

Love you,
Mum x

PS. I forgot, Money advise – Don’t forget to save all the time. Enjoy your money, but not buy useless things that won’t last. Buy good quality products.