~I love…weekends~

Dear Lily,

I love weekends. It’s a chance to recuperate from the stresses of the week before, and to get motivated for the week ahead.

I love weekends. A great chance to spend time with family, especially the growing children. Watching them grow up is such a privilege. To see children develop and grow over time is so special and memorable.

I love weekends. I don’t see friends often, and the weekends are the best time to catch up with people who actually like being around you; and like to know what is happening in your life, genuinely.

I love weekends. Relaxing with a good movie or book is what weekends are made for. Going into a different world books and movies takes you, even for just a bit, is always exhilirating.

I love weekends. Especially when the weather is slightly cold, it’s a good time to hide under the doona and think of nothing and just be still. Listening to the rain drops against the window, creates a calming feeling in the soul.

I love weekends. Because this is the best time to be yourself and explore the world you live in. Explore cafes and parks around the area you live. Visiting cultural festivities and various events that open your mind to what is in the world outside yours.

I love weekends. I am glad that there are two days in a weekend, although sometimes this is not enough. Always enjoy your weekend and make it count. Relax on Sunday night, so Monday is calming and not hectic.

I love weekends. Don’t worry about Monday yet.

(work in progress)


Mum x


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