~women…at work~

Dearest Lily,

It has been a tough few months at work, and thank goodness it has eased a fair bit. The one thing that has yet to improve is the attitude of some people. I like where I work – most of the time, but what drains me is the attitude of one lady in particular.

I am a very patient person, but like most people I have my limits. You will encounter people like her in your life, and I hope that they are few and far between. They are women who are quite insecure in their own life, that they will make someone feel smaller by making themselves feel better. I don’t like women, or people like that all. I avoid them in my personal life, but since I need to work it isn’t something I can avoid.

I tolerate her actions and attitude, like many of my colleagues have said and done. It does make it difficult sometimes when one person has such a toxic attitude at work.

This has lead me to a possible solution that I hope will work for you. Befriend her, get to know her and once in a while acknowledge her work. Hopefully, this will make her feel less threatened by you. However, there are some people that may never change, and that honey is not your fault.

So, I will follow my own advice, and I have, but I think she is one of those people who will never change. She may have her own insecure issues she has yet to deal with.  That I cannot help her with.

If you come across negative people, especially women, ignore them and just let them be. If they hound you, you have a right to defend yourself, but please try and defend yourself as gracefully as you can. You are a lady and was raised to be tough, but not violent.

Be friends with as many women as possible, you need women in your life. The best lessons I have ever learnt were from women. Women teach you empathy, strength of character, vulnerability, stress, joy and miracles. There is a diversity of women out there, so be friends with as many as you can.

I don’t ever want you to be one of those ladies that hate on women on purpose, or at all. This isn’t good for your character or your soul. But remember, don’t be a doormat either.

Being a women is great, having women friends are even better. It makes for colourful conversations!

Love ya guts,

Mum x

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