~Happy New Beginnings~

My dear Lily,

Happy New Beginning my dear girl.

As you grow up you will find that New Years is about resolutions (and partying). A New year is always a good time to reflect on the year that was, to look back at what you were proud of and what you were not so proud of, hoping there were more moments of the former. This is also a good time to look at the people in your life. To really look back at the moments when you were down and depressed, and to see who were with you during those difficult times. Look back at the many memorable moments and remember the emotions you felt, the sounds and the smell. This will show what the important, happy and sad moments feel, so you are always familiar with those emotions.

Besides reflecting on what was, this is also a wonderful opportunity to look to the future. Think of what you would like to achieve in the year. Even look at past goals and see which ones are relevant and which ones you can finally cross off that endless list. There are so many goals and dreams we want to desperately become a reality. Some may take time and some may just be around the corner, waiting for you to open the door of opportunity. Don’t despair my little girl, with hard work, having faith in yourself and also asking for help once in a while, your dreams will become a reality. One day you will look back and be proud of all the things you have achieved. You will look back and say to yourself, ‘Wow, I can’t believe I did that’ and or ‘I wish i did that’, I hope it is more of the former.

I hope that you will experience that moment when you realise to yourself that you are right where you are supposed to be. After the past reflections and future gazing, you will one day stand proud, give a sigh of relief and say to yourself, with conviction, ‘I am right where I am supposed to be AND i LOVE it’. This is such an exhilarating feeling and quite a freeing moment. I wish that you will experience this many times in your life. Wendell Berry quote

After that exhilarating moment, your life purpose will become clearer, and you will stop caring about the people who no longer matter, and concentrate on those that do. Concentrate on activities you love to do and concentrate in constantly improving yourself.

Take time to always reflect, not just in the new year, but don’t spend too much time looking in the past either. The future is for your dreams to become a reality, live for this, but don’t everforget to enjoy the present and many moments during the year, because this is where your dreams meet your reality.

With love, your number one fan,


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