My dearest daughter,

I’ve been asked to write you a letter to tell you things that I wish for you to know about this life. Before reading on, you must first know that not even my most vivid and heartfelt imagination will conjure up the image that can capture how stellar you will be. This letter can only ever be a wild estimation of what you would need to learn from me, because I already know you will hold the whole world in your eyes.

Baby steps. Although time is experienced as linear, my dear, it is important for you to remember that life’s experience can be very dynamic. Things that you learn from early in life can, and will, stay with you. For this very reason, the first lesson for you to know is that I am your mother. This means many things. Inherently, it means that I am your caregiver, I am your protector and I am your parent. I want for you to learn to be the child, in order for you to learn that you deserve the very best care. Not because of anything you do or don’t do, but simply because you are my daughter and because you are loved.

Becoming you. Sooner than I can ever prepare for, you will want to become your own person. Despite your possible interpretation of my actions and opinions, I want the very same thing for you, too. By this time, our relationship will grow and evolve. You will need to learn to be patient with those around you, because although you will know what is best for you, others will only want even better.

When love finds you. It will strike you. It will take you. It will be the best thing that words will never be able to describe. It will challenge everything you know, and for that you will grow stronger both as the person you are and as the person you can be. It will remind you why life is so beautiful and will highlight to you the things that you can’t live without. You will know when love finds you, not with your words, not with your actions, but with your whole being.

If hurt hurts you. It will hurt. Come find me and I’ll be there with a box of chocolates and a stash of tissues. We will talk until it no longer makes sense, and I will hold you until you remember that the world is safe again. It will hurt. But you will be okay.

Perhaps by the time you read this, you will have your own daughter. And you’ll know that I was only ever one step ahead, but always walking side-by-side with you.

With all my love,

Your mum.

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